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Dynamic Broadband Service Manager (DBSM)

Software-Defined Service Layer for Broadband Service Management

Active Broadband’s Dynamic Broadband Service Manager (DBSM) is a software-defined broadband service management platform for powering an intelligent service layer that allows fixed-line service providers to uniformly manage the delivery of broadband services across different types of access networks – including DOCSIS, DSL, FTTH and WiFi.


The DBSM satisfies critical service management requirements:

  • Align service tier pricing with bandwidth consumption to protect and grow revenues
  • Improve network utilization to significantly reduce costs of expanding capacity
  • Grow new revenue streams with on-demand services including prepaid broadband
  • Actively engage subscribers in management of their service
  • Allow for new monetization models including subsidized services and e-commerce payments

High-Performance Software System

The DBSM is a modular, high-performance software system that tightly integrates critical service management functions in order to satisfy the performance and scalability requirements of the most demanding broadband providers. These functions include:

  • High-performance subscriber and network telemetry data collection and mediation for accurate, service-relevant measurement of subscriber bandwidth consumption and network conditions
  • Real-time processing of network telemetry data by broadband service management applications to take service management actions based on measured information
  • Service activation and management through dynamic control of network elements to automatically effect immediate service modifications without disruption
  • Subscriber visibility into the behavior of their service and the ability to activate and modify services on-demand, including merchant processing transactions for credit card payments independent of monthly billing
  • Web-based service creation and delivery platform for turnkey broadband service management solutions

The DBSM leverages the capabilities of the existing equipment in an operator's network infrastructure and doesn't require the deployment of any additional network elements. It also includes web services APIs for external applications as well as interfaces to existing OSS/BSS systems.

Download theicon Dynamic Broadband Service Manager (DBSM) Product Overview.