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Active Resource Manager

High-Performance Platform for Broadband Service Management

The Active Resource Manager (ARM) is a broadband service management platform that tightly integrates critical service management functions in order to satisfy stringent performance and scalability requirements while significantly reducing overall system cost and complexity. The ARM provides the necessary core functions for delivering dynamically managed broadband services and serves as the underlying foundation for the Active Service Manager (ASM).


Core functions:

  • Network telemetry data collection and mediation
  • Big Data storage
  • Subscriber service management applications
  • Integration policy control functions

Key features:

  • DOCSIS 2.0 and 3.0 IP Detail Record (IPDR) data collection and mediation
  • Additional data collection mechanisms including RADIUS AAA and NetFlow
  • High-performance disk-based and in-memory Big Data storage
  • Integrated PCMM, RADIUS CoA and PCRF policy control
  • Assured high-availability via a unique system redundancy architecture
  • Integrated web services APIs for data integration and external policy control

High-Scalability, High-Availability

The ARM software runs under the Linux operating system on industry standard Intel architecture servers. Its unique, integrated data collection, mediation and Big Data storage architecture allows the platform to scale cost effectively and in a linear fashion – supporting millions of devices while occupying a modest hardware footprint. The ARM exploits unique compression technology to dramatically reduce storage requirements. It scales by using a collection of agent clusters each supporting one million devices controlled by a centralized cluster manager. The platform is fully redundant in both processing and storage. The ARM is also available on a turnkey appliance for smaller-scale deployments.

Download theicon Active Resource Manager (ARM) Product Overview.