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Active Resource Manager

Real-time, telemetry-driven service intelligence and control at the broadband edge

The Active Resource Manager (ARM) is a next-generation broadband service management platform for real-time, telemetry-driven service intelligence and control at the broadband edge. The ARM refactors and tightly integrates critical operational support system functions in a highly scalable platform specifically designed to enable broadband providers to rapidly create and deploy personalized services that can be dynamically managed based on operator needs and customer entitlements.

The ARM incorporates rapid, in-line telemetry data mediation, IP flow telemetry for service and application visibility, Big Data technology for managing the vast amounts of data required for service personalization, and real-time service profiling and policy-based control mechanisms for automatically taking action in response to changing network conditions and service utilization.

Key features include:

  • Real-time network and service intelligence via stream telemetry data
  • Rapid, highly accurate, in-line telemetry data mediation
  • IP flow telemetry for service and application visibility
  • Big Data technology for storing vast amounts of telemetry data
  • Real-time service profiling and dynamic service control mechanisms
  • Policy-based control of the existing broadband network infrastructure

High-performance, modular platform

The ARM integrates an array of real-time service intelligence and control capabilities in a high-performance, modular platform that can be flexibly deployed in different configurations based on operator requirements and type of broadband infrastructure. The ARM performs rapid in-line mediation of stream telemetry data to gain visibility into network conditions and service utilization, and can employ IP flow telemetry for application level visibility using IPFIX or NetFlow. The ARM processes the information gained via telemetry for real-time service profiling to determine if action needs to be taken, and uses a number of policy-based mechanisms for dynamic control of elements in the existing broadband infrastructure – no additional elements are required.

ARM modules

The ARM platform is packaged with a set of "Base ARM" core functions, including stream telemetry data collection, Big Data storage and web services APIs. The capabilities of the ARM can be extended by adding on one or more optional modules:

IP Flow Telemetry
Internet Service Mediation (ISM)
Service Control System (SCS)

The ISM and SCS modules operate together with the Base ARM component for a complete service management platform for measuring, profiling and actively managing broadband service delivery.

Field-proven, high-availability platform

The ARM is based on scalable cloud technologies, and has been successfully deployed in networks supporting millions of customers. It is a high-availability platform, fully redundant in both processing and storage.

For more information, download this document:
pdf Active Resource Manager Product Overview