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Active Appliance

Turnkey Integrated Software and Hardware Platform

For broadband providers requiring a more turnkey dynamic service management solution, the Active Appliance combines the extensive capabilities of the Dynamic Broadband Service Manager with the simplicity of an integrated software and hardware platform. The Active Appliance is delivered preloaded and ready for installation and configuration.

A typical configuration consists of the Active Resource Manager (ARM) deployed redundantly on two 1U servers with a maximum capacity of 200,000 subscriber devices, and the Active Service Manager (ASM) deployed redundantly on two 1U servers with a maximum capacity of 50,000 concurrent sessions.

The Active Appliance hardware is a compact 1U server preconfigured to meet the operating requirements of the ARM or the ASM. The server is delivered with a quad core Intel Xeon processor and 24GB of memory. For the ARM, the Active Appliance is configured with 1TB of redundant RAID-1 storage provided by four hot-swap SATA drives, while the ASM is configured with a 500GB drive. The Active Appliance includes two Gigabit Ethernet adaptors for network connectivity and a dedicated IPMI port to support remote operations.

Key features:

  • 1U Intel architecture server appliance
  • Runs Redhat Linux OS
  • Deployed in pairs for redundancy
  • Active Resource Manger maximum capacity of 200,000 devices
  • Active Service Manager maximum capacity of 50,000 sessions
  • Common hardware and operating system for both platforms
  • Clustering support for scaling devices and sessions

The Active Appliance runs the Linux operating system configured with the necessary components for deployment of the platform. Configuration and management of the platform is performed via the ARM and ASM interfaces, eliminating the need for Linux system administration skills. Active Appliances can be clustered for scaling the ARM beyond 200,000 devices. The entire system can be scaled by deploying multiple instances of the ARM appliance, supporting up to 10 million devices in a single distributed system, with ASM appliances added where concurrent session demands exceed 50,000 per appliance.